This enables others to validate the integrity of the

In accordance with Regulation 74(5) of the SEBI (Depositaries and Participants) Regulation, 2018 (erstwhile Reg. M/s Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd., we hereby confirm that the said Regulation is not applicable to the Company as the entire holding of the Company»s shares are in demat form and RTA have not received any request from any members of the Company for rematerialisation or dematerialisation; during the quarter ended on 30th June, 2020.

The ACT will bring its deadline for reaching zero net greenhouse gas emissions forward by five years, and set interim targets to ensure it stays on track to meet its climate commitments. Canberra must now reduce its net emissions to zero by 2045, 15 years earlier than the original carbon neutrality date. That deadline was brought forward by a decade in 2016 by then climate change minister Simon Corbell, when he announced the ACT move to 100 per cent renewable energyby 2020.

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uk canada goose The value assigned to the hash is unique to the hashed content. Any changes to the contents even altering a single character can result in a different value. This enables others to validate the integrity of the data by using the key provided by the signer to decrypt the hash. uk canada goose

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canada goose coats Two years ago McDonald said it was taking steps to cut the greenhouse gases it emits. It tweaked the manner in which the beef in its Big Macs and Quarter Pounders was produced. The company said at the time that it expected the changes to prevent 150 million metric tons (165 million tons) of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere by 2030.. canada goose coats

canada goose uk outlet The government said it was reviewing mental health supports for young people to identify gaps. On Tuesday, Mental Health Minister Shane Rattenbury revealed the ACT will also roll out a targeted mental health program for Year 9 students in 2020. Adapted by Black Dog for Australian schools, the five session program has already been in place over the border for the past two years, and will be delivered through Commonwealth funding by external experts. canada goose uk outlet

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