That’s what it’s really about: understanding what’s

Asst. Principal Lisa Logan: Well we have had a lot of teachers ask to be here today. They are desperate to see their kids. Trying to get back to a normal routine, he said. The season, we come into the gym before 11 o before 12 o to get our work in so I just trying to make it feel as normal as possible. Says the plan is to take advantage of the opportunity four or five times a week.

No mobile connections, no power, no drinking water all together aren’t things we deal with everyday. Basics need to be restored first and as soon as possible. While the memories won’t leave us, how scarred we all are depends on action taken in the next few days..

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Upon returning she told me I wasn able to have the offer unless I purchased a further 2 large glasses as they had poured my glass from an open bottle. I declined this I can understand why she didn suggest it in the first place. Anyway when she returned with our starters she ventured over to another gentleman with his main course to which he was shocked saying he would really rather have the starter he ordered first before his main.

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