Instead what he got was a trainer screaming

Brandon Marshall owners just hope that Smith shows Fitzpatrick’s ability to lock onto the veteran WR, while the dwindling Quincy Enunwa Fan Club can view this as maybe a chance to get its guy back on track. Also worth watching for the Jets is the distribution of touches between Matt Forte and Bilal Powell, with the latter seeming to have turned this into the timeshare many expected at the start of the season. An average of 57.4 yards per game is not what people had in mind when they drafted him in or near the first round, but he has as good a shot at busting out Sunday as he’ll have all season, given a home date against Oakland’s porous secondary.

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If it happens, it will be interesting to see how Bell is welcomed back by his teammates and how the Steelers use him. His replacement, James Conner, continues to thrive. Conner ran for 146 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 33 18 triumph in Pittsburgh over Cleveland, which upped the Steelers’ record to 4 2 1 and first place in the AFC North..

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«I’ve seen frustration, big time,» Thompson said. «He’s had a hard time dealing with it. But as I’ve seen him the last few days or so when he’s come back in the building now, he doesn’t look as down as he did in the past. «I’ve been saying for months, we’ve gotta get our refs back.»With the league already teetering on the edge of chaos and mutiny over the state of the officiating over the first three weeks of its regular season, Monday night’s fiasco carried the distinct feeling of a tipping point. The story led NBC’s «Today» show, exploded across Twitter and dominated discourse around water coolers and radio dials.Not only had the 3 month lockout of the referees by the NFL’s owners primarily over the officials’ pensions reached a critical juncture, where something had to be done for the good of the game and the safety of the players; it also felt as if the NFL was collapsing into itself.The NFL’s locked out referees, although technically part time employees, undergo rigorous training to master the league’s infamously complex rule book. Their replacements, largely a collection of officials who work high school and low level college games, have often seemed out of their depth during the first weeks of the season.

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